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Meeting room management Dubai

Meetio Room

Meetio Room is an extension of your current scheduling environment. It connects seamlessly to your room resources and all information is synced between the digital calendar and the tablet.

Features :


  • Showroom Status : See Instantly if a room being used. Green for available, Yellow for soon to be occupied and red for occupied.

  • Spontaneous Meeting : Book a free room ! with the ease of two clicks that availble room is yours. Your collegues will see that its occupied in their digital calendar too.

  • Check in : To make sure bookings are actually utilized for meetings and free up the time when they are not. Set a time for the when the meeting should be canceled if not checked in.

  • Calendar Support: Meetio Room seemlessly connects to your existing calendar. No add ins or server software required !

  • Branding : Brand the screen by adding your company logo and alter the color scheme to fit your company profile.

  • Room Agenda : Scroll through the meetings of today to see what time slots are left or when the next meeting will start.

  • End Early : Free up that extra time from your booking and make it available.